I am a coach, writer and photographer based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. The Grow Lead Live blog is where I share my view of high performance coaching, personal development, leadership and creativity acquired from experience at the highest level.

The blog is packed full of value add bits of information and tips, and it will remain a moving feast as we refine and improve what is already there as well as adding more to it.

I love hearing from people who think they might appreciate my view or some support in their own journey, I have spent time as a sounding board or coaching with senior leaders, directors and professionals, aspiring leaders, performance coaches, performers, and students. 


Facebook page here: Grow, Lead, Live


Gary publishes his photographic and documentary work through

Project pieces include:

This Towns: A documentary journal focused on Gary's hometown:

Seventy Summit: A documentary exploring the baby boom and those from that generation who are in their seventieth year:

For all the latest activity see


For enquiries, quality art prints, collaboration and commission contact is via

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