Mastery revisited

I first wrote the Mastery pieces a few years ago, I had heard of a piece of work by Robert Greene, in which a number of the qualities of Mastery were identified.

I put this together starting from the premise that:
  • It is thought to be very healthy for us to take some time out daily to at least think, reflect or remind ourselves about things that are important to us, and what behaviours and mental attitudes can help us
  • We can build habits by practicing them over a period of time - so lets take 21 days to practice taking time out
  • Any one on a journey of Mastery will be served by some form of self review and consistently seeking to set conditions that will allow them to really advance their learning, development, and growth
As I say in the current Introduction and will restate here, this was originally all written over 21 days, a section a morning, published that morning. It was intended to be quick pieces to aid reflection or engagement with some ideas, it is therefore a little high level, maybe undercooked, in places, my intention is to steadily improve it over time.

Engaging with words and concepts in these quick snippet pieces can be useful as aids for practising mindfulness or to simply to prepare for a thing you have to do, or think about how you intend to be for the rest of the day - as I mentioned in the last blog piece, I was reflecting on the word bravery, and the idea of having to 'work it' - being more actively forthcoming with my writing being part of that.

As I have become increasingly involved with creatives in my work and my own mastery journey I am sure that with some tweaking here and there, this 21 day series could be very well adapted to have ideas that will resonate and be of value to the creative committed to a journey of Mastery.

It is my intention to very shortly feed the Facebook page once again with a page a day and to re run perhaps two/three times a year, I know a number of people found it quite engaging and interesting when I first wrote it, some of the pages get still get regular hits.

If you would like to have a look around here is the Mastery Index Page

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