Mastery - Day 21 - OUTPUTS

Part of the purpose of the exercise had been fulfilled, at least for me.

I had written everything as we went along on the first outing of the Mastery exercise. I had started to think about each word the day before writing, then when I got up each morning, often with Jack, I would take a while and then let loose writing.

There were a number of comments on Facebook the first time we ran this, I couldn't say whether anyone took up a daily practice as I suggested, but I know many found odds and ends along the way which were of real value to them.

If you have been reading this daily and then perhaps also taking another five minutes to reflect, then you have built some time into your day also, and I think that is where the greatest value in this exercise probably is - particularly for leaders and creatives on a mastery journey.

Time in self-reflection and review

Consider taking this time you have created forward into the future - use the time for self-reflection and asking those questions I have suggested you use regularly:
  • What is going well? / What isn't so great? / What can I do differently?
  • Spend time getting to know your strengths and do more and more of the good stuff that you can do.
  • Remind yourself of and shift your focus to what you want, remember all the great stuff you can do, and then try again.

Choose some words for yourself

They say that 'you are what you do', but here these words have helped us to describe not so much what you should do but how you might bring some greater choice about what you will bring with you attitudinally and behaviourially on a journey of mastery.

I would suggest that you take a few of the words from the list which you feel you most already represent you and could be a list of strengths. Then check in on that occasionally, asking questions around them, perhaps:

'how was my focus in that last meeting?'
'have I watched someone else play that shot recently?'
'it felt harder to make the effort today, are my energy levels where they need to be?'

You might pick one or two words that you think you most need to bring to your current situation, bringing those to mind a few times during the day or maybe even stopping briefly in the moment to remind yourself about what is required - maybe to be a little bolder with an idea, or bringing the humility to receive some feedback 

  • Have the quality you want to bring more in mind, have the intention to be it - and generally that will help you to find the right words, decision or behaviour in the moment.
  • Enjoy doing this stuff, but don't take it too seriously, that’s not to say it isn't serious, but be compassionate around failure. Try to have fun.
I heard, I don't know how true this is, that between them, the top hitters in the baseball hall of fame missed 70% of the balls ever thrown at them.

Bet your odds are nothing like that bad!



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