Mastery - Day 20 - SUMMARY

Here is a list of the words we have covered over the last near 3 weeks.  By each word I added a few notes or observations.

This is not a checklist or a model set of behaviours for you to follow, or a list of rules or instructions – these are some little notes from me made against a set of words which may help you to  attain mastery, to learn and develop.  These are all behaviours which we are told will help us to be successful, and it feels like a pretty good list.

I suggest today we just take the list, maybe read it, grab one or two words that we like the look of or even strike some out and put your own in.  Tomorrow we will reflect on some outputs

If you would like a copy of this list contact me, include your email address and I will email you a pdf.

  • Self discipline: take daily  reflection, check in on your self, form positive habits
  • Desire: pursue your dreams, focus on what you want, make your objective your desire
  • Persistence: pursue your goal resist your internal doubts,  review your performance, don't make the same mistake twice
  • Focus: pay attention to what you want, stay present in the moment, be interested in what you do, choose what you are not going to do
  • Effort: set an adventurous challenge to stimulate learning and enjoyment, build internal and external support, maintain balance
  • Patience: focus your impatience appropriately, impatience causes error,  return to conscious competence, practice compassion, accept it takes time
  • Energy: take energy from your desire, bring balance, enjoy and learn, recharge, play, reflect, stress is not positive, try being creative
  • Obsessiveness: a relentless focus on and dogged pursuit of your dream, practice, manage perspective, manage energy, consider those around you
  • Observance: actively and consciously observe the world around us, find a partner in learning, actively review your own results
  • Confidence: recognise, know and rest in your strengths, speak your strengths, confidence brings energy, examine and review success and failure, trust in the process of reflection review and learning
  • Trust in self: man know thyself; create an accurate narrative, understand where you are, know and speak your strengths, own your weakness and emotions
  • Emotional commitment: love what you are doing, be clear on your purpose and contribution, know your value add
  • Humility: rest in your strengths, listen to others, recognise your need to grow, welcome feedback
  • Adaptability: renew and innovate yourself, remain focused on the goal, shift in response to reality, deepen specialisms, broaden interests
  • Boldness: take small bold steps to overcome your inner obstacles, speak your strengths, speak or act to add value
  • Openness: data is all around, be open to receiving it, feedback is data that helps improve performance, great relationships allow for openness and candor

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