A great conversation

I had a great conversation yesterday, I thought it worthwhile sharing some of our takeaways.   I had a call with a good friend of mine, himself an accomplished leader/exec. 

I shared some thoughts around a new coaching module I'm preparing and some other ideas I've had and we caught up with some of his recent things.

Reflection and prioritisation

While we were talking we got into his recent experiences of effective prioritisation and taking time out.  He's taken some of the ideas that we've shared in the past and from this blog, which is nice to know, and developed his own really effective period of reflection.

This something that fits in well with his day, and allows him to focus on the really key value adding things that he needs to get done. Getting into a habit of stepping back in this way  has helped him to maintain control over his day and make progress on the things that will really make a difference to his team and business.

Really effective support conversations

There was real value in the conversation for both of us, and we discussed what it was about the quality of the discussion that made it so effective.  It goes beyond the structure of a coaching discussion, and comes more from the spirit that we adopted, it's a bit different to a bar chat with a mate, but not dissimilar I guess.

  • In one person there is the willingness, humility, and bravery required to go into a conversation willing to be challenged and to be totally open to another view.
  • Whilst in the other party there is the commitment to be there totally for the other person with the intent of helping them find the best way for them - that means being committed to saying what they see and to asking questions rather than giving instructions.

That is a great grounding for a conversation which is more effective than the standard bar chat with a mate where you are often going to have a great chat where you get the answers you want, not necessarily the ones you need.


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