Mastery - Day 5 - DESIRE

Desire, it feels like a powerful word as I say it, something beyond a simple want, much more visceral. We often talk about a burning desire, it is a deep emotional connection, a yearning that can drive us to superhuman feats and great achievements perhaps.

What can you be best in the world at?

Cross-examine the rich and successful, you will often find it is not, in fact, the money that has motivated them - sure, they enjoy the luxury that wealth brings, what often drives them to go on is the achievement and the figures in the bank account become a way to simply keep score, it is often about no more than simply winning.
  • What do you most desire?
  • Why aren't you pursuing it?
  • How connected are you to the task at hand?
  • Can you make 'Being the best in the world at what I do' your dream, your desire?
(A campfire, taken by me in 2010)
All the PhDs I know, including my sister Sarah, dreamt as a child about being a scientist. Sarah obtained her PhD whilst also being a working mother to two lovely children, it took years but her desire to change the world and make people's lives better drove her. My father switched careers late in life, after years in the print trade he went to college, then university and then became a social worker. He had been very ill as a child, and missed out on a huge amount of education - years later he simply wanted to prove to himself that he could do it.

The journey will be tough at times, its bound to be, if we aren't failing at times then there's a good chance we aren't learning - but failing can be tough, getting better can be tough and as corny as it sounds you have got to want it.

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