Mastery - Day 18 - BOLDNESS

It could be easy in a section on boldness to talk about big dreams, lofty ambitions, or having a great desire - which we looked at previously. I think there is some value in talking about some of the little bold actions which we could take daily, but often don't, the little obstacles we fail to address within ourselves.

It can take little individual acts of bravery, or boldness to overcome our fears, or take our space in the room, or on the pitch, on the gallery wall.

I have a small story, which I am not sure was based on boldness at all, but I can try to imagine it was.  I was at an industry event with a colleague, we had enjoyed a few drinks already and I suggested that we introduce ourselves to a high profile CEO, who was entertaining his crowd in a sectioned off piece of bar. I was told that we pretty much couldn't/shouldn't do it, we were both, when it boiled down to it, well pretty lowly in comparison.

I did it anyway and we ended up spending the rest of the evening as part of the party.  The guy knew all about the firm we worked for, he was charming and just one of the group. In the morning I guess was pretty pleased with myself and very hungover - so that is pretty much all I remember of the event today. Longer term the grapevine worked and our MD learnt we gave a good account of ourselves and of the firm, pats-on-back etc., a chance bit of boldness had some small but positive outcomes.

If I were preparing today, perhaps without a few drinks me in this time, I would be reminding myself:

'I'm going to introduce myself to that CEO, there's no reason not to, I've earned my right to be in this room just as anyone else here has, I am just as human as him, being successful doesn't mean you are 'better', I know what I am talking about, we could both find this interesting, it might be fun, the guy won't shoot me, fortune favours the brave...'

Often of course when faced with a challenge, big changes or in the presence of authority, when we can start to tell ourselves we are not good enough to be there, or simply 'I am shit'.

Boldness and bravery can be very personal then, what is an everyday parachute journey for Felix Baumgartner is 'jumping to my certain death' for others.

For me this is all about being on a journey, making the next day better than the last, so being able take each next step boldly, bravely and with confidence because we know certain things and can draw energy from them:
  • you are becoming ever more familiar with your strengths - you have been speaking them often, you know they will serve you
  • you know you are grounded in reality - you are honest about where you are and you recognise you can always improve
  • you know you are committed to getting better - you actively seek to learn and stretch yourself
Those are three powerful building blocks that many people don't have in place or have any type of commitment around, you can be bold because you are aware of what you are good at and you know where you need to improve.  That positive self-awareness and knowledge means you can make really effective contributions to what ever is going on - you won't be bullshitting and you won't be caught out, you won't need to visit the bit of you that is saying you are shit. 

This building self-awareness from little daily reflections and self-reminders will start to manifest themselves as behaviours that others find attractive.
  • You will be adding value when you speak or act
  • You will be learning and supportive the rest of the time
You can be bold in those circumstances, you will be building gravitas, you will be authentic, believable and real, those are qualities that create appeal and followership.

Last word tomorrow, followed by a summary on Day 20, and then some outputs on Day 21

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