Mastery - Day 17 - ADAPTABILITY

You will need to be willing to change at times, to renew and innovate yourself; as the world around you shifts, so you must shift in response - technology is driving change everywhere and constantly.

We are not talking here about you becoming a master in the world that you want it to be, but as it is.  There is an interesting little story here about the importance of being in touch with reality described as the Stockdale Paradox, Google it or read what I have written about it before here

I think we start to tick the adaptability box quite quickly by adopting a few principles or behaviours, that can help us to work through change and we have discussed throughout this exercise. 
  • Being really clear of your goal, the dream or desire you have and keeping it as your clear intent will give you direction in time of uncertainty.
  • Be clear about the other things that are important to you also - keep the balance in your life that you need
  • Maintain your energy
  • Remain open to learning - actively observing what is going on about you - continue the habit of reviewing what is working and what is not
  • Know your strengths - using them to help you adapt
  • Be honest in your reflections around where you do need to change and let others be honest with you also
'T' shaped people
These are people who have a deep technical knowledge, this knowledge is the leg of the 'T'. They also have broader interests - the horizontal top to their 'T'. Those broader interests bring different perspectives and experiences which when mixed with a deep technical knowledge allows them to see more and more possibilities for their designs and adapt other things they see in the world around them.


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