Mastery - Day 16 - HUMILITY

To consider the value of humility, perhaps we should consider the polar opposite seen in the brashness of the know-it-all and the arrogance that precedes the fall… Fred 'the Shred' and Bob Diamond perhaps, Robert Maxwell (if you remember him). Were they closed off, command, control, boardroom tigers, criminals, corporate psychopaths?  For sure there was little humility present.

Humility takes bravery, the bravery to be vulnerable in front of others, to ourselves even, and admit that we are not yet the finished article, that no matter how far up the ladder we have risen, no matter how good our game, how great our achievements - we can still improve.

Humility does not equate to weakness, it does not mean to give in. As gentle as the word sounds and as ineffectual as it may feel in the moment, it is the greatest single piece of you that, if found within, will allow you to continue to learn and grow.

As a student it will remind you there is more to learn, and as a leader it will ensure you value the views of others. It promotes candor and honesty around us and lets us leverage every last drop of intellectual power in a room by showing we value others. As a creative it will allow an easier space for technical criticism to occur.  It can take bravery for some.
  • Rest in your strengths, no need to parade them on a platter before people, just use them and they will serve you
  • Be honest around your need to develop, and you will already be developing

A short entry for this series on attaining mastery - but the most important piece perhaps.

A view of Paros, from Naxos by me
I was thinking about where we might try and practice some, perhaps:

In conversation today, actively try to listen a little bit longer before replying - really hear what is being said by whoever you are talking to, switch off the internal commentary within you.

Deeper listening will bring you more - more effective conversation, more possibilities as a result, greater certainty around where you are and what is now right. 

Day 17

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