Mastery - Day 13 - CONFIDENCE

Confidence, or the lack of, is rooted in our expectations that the outcome will be good, or not.  The word itself comes from the latin, fide or faith.

A person has confidence because they know, with a good degree of certainty that they will reach their goal.

There is something self-fulfilling around confidence or lack of it, confidence brings an energy to us - suffer a knock back, the confidence is dented and it can sap our energy to continue. Facing off a challenge, not believing that it can be overcome almost certainly guarantees that it won't be - without the confidence to do it, the necessary energy and effort simply isn't made available within us.

I have a high degree of confidence in your ability to succeed, I can have this confidence because experience and hard data tells me that people who spend a few minutes a day reflecting on how to get better at what they do, and take the time to do a little learning are more likely to reach their objectives.

I am confident, for example, that a leader who decides to develop their own ability to coach people will become not just a better leader, but also a better person, they will form better teams, who will produce better results.

I ask people to reflect on and speak their strengths regularly, where they do something well I want them to acknowledge they have done it well and understand why/how they did it well, and only then where they may have been able to do it better -  to return in the learning cycle to Conscious Competence.

There is a purpose in this, and it is to build confidence.  When we give someone a feedback report they immediately flick through the report looking for the page that details their development needs, "Where do I need to improve?", they virtually ignore the page that contains all their strengths and value add  qualities - but it is those strengths that will help them to meet their development needs so the suggestion must be:

  • Rest at ease in the strengths you already have, draw confidence from those, know that all the skills you have already acquired along with the positive aspects to your character and the fact that you are willing to enter voluntarily into a journey of learning is already enough - the rest from here on out is simply a matter of continuing to make the effort.

Things will go wrong along the way of course, you will not always get the result you want - but you are acquiring the skills to deal with those set-backs, because you take time to reflect, review your progress and learn you are making all the right moves, you are following a process that will support you, so you can be confident that you do have the skills to overcome those energy sapping set-backs.

  • Speak your strengths
  • Acknowledge your successes

Review your performance:

  • What did I do well there?  - Do more of that
  • What didn't work so well?
  • What shall I do differently next time?

Be compassionate in the face of failures and take confidence from your strengths.

Day 14

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