Mastery - Day 11 - OBSESSIVENESS

When I first saw this word appear as a quality that will help us to succeed on our journey to mastery, I was a little concerned, the word is used so often to describe the unhealthiness of fixation, the state of addiction and of course we hear all the time, "I'm OCD about…"

Being obsessive about reaching our goal, fulfilling our desire, will drive the persistence we need, it means we will be willing to train for a marathon all the through the winter, get up at 4 am to go and swim 100 lengths, to get home from the office and then start studying, to bring that extra bit of grit that we need to find before a tough conversation with a colleague or a client.

If we translate obsessiveness into 'a relentless focus on, and dogged pursuit of our goal or dream' then that might help to drive the other behaviours we need to reach mastery.

There is no question that to become really, really, great at something - we need to let it take us over - like David Beckham, who I referred to back on Day 6 of this journey.

Again we need balance though - we need the support system to help us face the challenge we face on the journey and that support must start within us, I would suggest we need to be able maintain some perspective and ensure we maintain the energy we need.

  • Our obsession may mean we can be unforgiving when we, or others, fail - we need to be compassionate with ourselves and those around us.
  • Our obsession may mean that what we work too hard and drive others to hard - if we burn out we might never get there.
In pursuit of our goal, if lost in our obsession, we can forget about some of the other important things in life - without recharging our energy, we will ultimately make the journey harder and longer - the pressure and stress we put on ourselves, if unchecked, will be the biggest obstacle we encounter.

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