Mastery - Day 12 - OBSERVANCE

We need to be actively and consciously watching and noticing the things that are occurring around us. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants and there is nothing new under the sun..., pretty much.
  • Who is the most successful sales person in the office? What are they doing that you do not? How often do they call their clients?
  • Who do you know that can hit a golf ball 200 yards to the centre of the fairway pretty much every time they strike the ball? In what way does their stance differ from yours? How steady is their head? Where are their hips at the moment the ball is struck
  • Who in the class can draw the best nose?
This is a real question, that I asked one of my boys, Charlie, during a coaching session we held in the car one afternoon after he asked what I did, I asked him to tell me about a challenge he had and we would work through it, to help him understand a little about coaching. Under enquiry he told me that he was probably 4/10 at drawing noses.

Of the various options he came up with when we discussed some of the things he might do to accelerate his learning, he decided that he could have a chat with the one of his class mates and come to a little deal:
  • Charlie would spend time watching his school friend drawing noses, and in exchange he would spend some time showing the other budding Da Vinci how he might draw a more realistic hand.
In most jobs, pastimes, and sports you will know someone who is better at it, or at least one aspect of it, than you are.
  • The data you need to help you improve is all around you.
Why not try and team up with someone, invite them to be your partner in learning and improving, watch and learn from each other. Becoming a partner with someone in this way can be very powerful, two brains can be applied to a problem, two pairs of eyes and ears are now available to gather the data that is all around - you can learn from each other's experience.

Examine your own outputs, actively observe yourself asking:

  • What worked - what did I do really well there?
  • What wasn't so great?
  • How can I do better next time? Who can advise me?
  • How can I use my strengths to get better at this?

Most importantly:
  • Enjoy

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