Mastery - Day 1 - Introduction

This is a daily exercise that draws on Robert Greene's work on mastery. In his book Greene offers us a number of 'Qualities'  that may help us or hinder us in our pursuit of what he calls Mastery

I'm going to be clear from the outset, we will use these various words, which all seem reasonable as a way to simply examine some ideas that can be helpful for anyone one a self development journey, but I am not drawing anything else from Greene's work, I am using the words alone as stimulus for thought.

This work was originally produced over a period of twenty one days.  At its heart is the premise that there is value in us stepping back each day and taking some period of reflection.

There is no assertion that any of the ideas are 'right', and indeed having been written swiftly over a short period in places it is perhaps a little lightly baked, I hope to hone and improve this over time.

Simply take a brief opportunity, daily, to step back and be stimulated by new ideas, or refresh some stuff you already know about.

What gets in the way of Mastery?

I do not propose that we should dwell overly on those things that hinder us, but we must examine them at some point and I propose we get it out of the way right away. 

Do any of these words resonate or really mean something to you?

Qualities that hinder: Complacency, conservatism, dependency, impatience, grandiosity, inflexibility, distractibility, becoming egotistical, close-mindedness.

Hold that thought 

Focus on self-discipline

The first of the Qualities that serve us, Self-Discipline.  Now discipline can feel like a loaded word at times, it can imply work, systems, lack of fun and enjoyment - if we regard discipline as 'consistently trying to create the conditions that allow us to perform at our best' or something of that nature, then discipline must surely be inclusive of something more than the grind of 'work' alone..., so don't worry.

This exercise requires a small commitment today: 
  • For the next 21 days take a daily reflection, as little as 5-10 minutes, less if you like, more if you want
We will soon begin to focus on the other Qualities that help, until then reflect on those that may be hindering you, be open within yourself, take some time to notice them:  
  • Which of these negative qualities do you recognise in yourself?
  • Which one or two do you think are most present in you?
  • Which one or two are you told most often are problematic for others?

If you do not recognise any of these in yourself, then reflect further, close-mindedness will not serve.

Promise yourself over the next few days that from now on, where you sense or notice you are being any of the qualities that hinder you that you will pay it some attention, at least acknowledge it has occurred, if possible press pause, the pause may give you enough of a moment for you to adjust and make a new  choice.

To change requires bravery and compassion, the former can be hard to muster within and the latter often not present without, so be brave enough to fail and compassionate with yourself when you do.

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