Mastery - Day 2 - Take time to reflect

Reflect on your personal development

In your planning session today, try two things:

Firstly, include time to reflect on you and your development:
  • What did I do well this week? -  remind yourself where you added value, understand where your strengths featured
  • Where was I less effective? - take this moment to honest, but be compassionate with yourself
Make some time for self reflection a priority, it is in this time that you can examine where your future lies, what mastery means and requires from you.

Set your priorities to create value

Experiment with a different way of prioritising your activity and work, we need to be released from the hamster wheel, and what we call important is often only that because it is in fact urgent - we spend our time doing things which are important because of their urgency, but are often adding no real value at all, reprioritise what is really Important, deliver the Urgent as you surely must but in other moments get to what will really add value, what will really advance your mastery.

Day 3

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