Get creative...

Get creative people – no matter your job, get creative! 

You will probably have heard of the left brain-right brain theory – the left is the calculator, the right the creator – that’s just about the most simplistic explanation and doesn’t do that bundle of tissue and juices much justice, but it is enough to keep us going for the moment.

We’ve done quite a lot of work with management consultants at all levels and of course some well known CEOs, one thing they all have in common is that they spend a lot of time in data – looking at numbers, exploring facts and figures.

One of the things we’ve found really helpful for them is to get creative.

Being creative, especially for someone whose job is not as a creative, can be really helpful for them; it opens up parts of the brain that they simply are not using that often.

We were all creative as children and many of us gave up because our results were not great – any parent has had to congratulate their child over some sticks of macaroni stuck to a dirty grey piece of paper,
‘Look at this I made for you’
‘Lovely darling, what is it?’
We’re often discouraged at an early age, which is such a shame, as we all have the ability to create beautiful things, but like any skill the techniques have to be learnt – so support your children.  I digress.

We give up art or creative things and many of us never return, those synaptic pathways in our brains that allow us to draw a cat in proportion or write a poem that overflows with metaphor fail to develop.

Get creative, try something, anything

Get creative – go home, sit down with a pencil and paper – write something, draw something – don’t worry about the quality, do it just for you, enjoy and go with the flow.  Pick up some paint and chuck it at some paper – stick your fingers in the colourful goo, go mad, have fun!

Do anything.  Take a walk with your camera (that’s what I do by the way) – snap away, go home and play, make something beautiful, make something that means something, make anything – do it.  Pick up those rusty chisels your grandfather left you – carve some wood.

Food for the brain

Why?  Because it works your brain, gets all those synapses firing, connects both hemispheres and feeds it.

Cramming your brain full of knowledge is a waste of time – if you cannot find something to do with it – manipulating data, facts and figures and all that knowledge you have acquired is what can make the difference – you’re just another knowledgeable person, the difference comes in being able to take all that knowledge and data and do something with it.  That’s where creativity comes in.

Einstein – good at maths, took other people’s ideas, stood in the shower and imagined he was a light beam travelling across the universe – it was his creativity that enabled his brain to develop the Theory of Relativity

  • Steve Jobs – a great geek – that got creative.
  • Mark  Zuckerberg – see above
  • Leonardo Da Vinci – an artist and a scientist
  • Edison and Tesla – engineers that got creative

Throughout history you will find examples of great achievers who harnessed the power of their knowledge added a sprinkle of imagination and made a difference to the world.

So close that Excel window, open up Paint – and do something creative.

You never know – you might enjoy it too!

G x

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